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Mining and the history and development of South Australia are closely connected; this is more so the case in relation to the development of townships in the Flinders Ranges; Blinman being one of these towns. History, heritage, culture and values are inextricably linked. Without the working mines of the past and the desires of those people in the 19th century who struggled to make a living through minerals in our region, our heritage, culture, values and our lives would be different.

Blinman Mine or Wheal Blinman as it was called in 1862 was a working copper mine between the years of 1862 and 1907. At the peak of its operation Blinman township had a population of approximately 1500 residents. Today Blinman has a permanent population of just 27, plus the residents of the surrounding pastoral properties.

Blinman is a truly historic town with a unique heritage and character; it is also a living town. Blinman would not be called Blinman without Robert (Pegleg) Blinman, who as a shepherd working on Angorichina Station, discovered copper, at what is still the site of the mine today.

The Blinman Heritage Tourist Mine opened in April 2011. The mine office is located in the centre of town. It has been set up with historic photos and information and has a range of souvenirs for sale. The mine office also provides an information service to tourists on Blinman and the surrounding areas and is the first port of call for those wishing to go underground. The Blinman underground experience offers a unique journey into the heart of an historic copper mine. With the installation of an innovative sound and light system;  which includes storytelling, light boxes, music, a mix of theatre and mining history and experienced tour guides, it transports people back in time, to the lives of the miners and their families during the second half of the 19th century.

Because the Blinman Heritage Mine was set up by local volunteers, who raised money and did all the work, they share a strong affiliation with the success of the Mine Tour. We offer our visitors the opportunity to experience life in a small outback town, one that has struggled to survive but shows its determination to move forward.  The Mine is our cultural heritage and encourages us to have a different perspective and understanding and so enriches our lives and those who visit.


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Booking a Tour

Bookings in advance are essential during school holiday periods and are advisable at all other times to avoid disappointment as tour groups are strictly limited in size. Enquiries and bookings can be made :

The Blinman Heritage Mine Office is open daily from 9 am to 4.30 pm.

Tourist season includes Easter weekend

1st April to 31st October tours are offered hourly from 10 am until 3 pm (inclusive) subject to demand.

Summer Season

November until April tours are scheduled at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm.

We do close for 4 weeks over summer. From 7th January to .4th February 2024 inclusive

Tours run for 70 minutes.

Covered shoes are essential, we provide helmets and torches


Adults $35.00
Concession (Pensioners or Student) $28
Seniors $31.50
Family (2 adults 2 children 3-15 years) $95
Extra Child with Family $15
Children (under 15) $17



Groups 20 and over: $28 per person
Groups under 20: $30 per person

Self Guided Above Ground Walk

Also available are above ground self guided walks. If not going underground you may purchase a mine history booklet from the mine office which tells you the above ground story as well as some geology and information about points of interest along the path. The path leads you around the top of the main shaft, along the slag heap and past the places where buildings once stood. Combined with the underground tour it gives you a thorough understanding of how the mine and the town worked.It is a long tradition to take your photo next to the boilers on top of the hill.

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The Mining History of Blinman

Blinman is an historic copper town surrounded by spectacular hilly desert countryside. Located 485 km north of Adelaide via Wilpena Pound, Blinman is a tiny, isolated settlement on the edge of the South Australian desert. It is the highest town in South Australia sitting at 616m above sea level, and you’ll find it at the end of the sealed road heading north of Wilpena.

Copper was discovered at Blinman in 1859 by a one-legged shepherd, Robert ‘Peg Leg’ Blinman, who, unsurprisingly, gave his name to the township which grew up around the mine.

Copper mining occurred in the area from around 1862 through to 1907 when the ore ran out. In total around 10,000 tonnes of copper were removed from 200,000 tons of ore.

Websites with historical support:





Blinman Family Portrait


3D Drawing of Blinman Mine

Photos courtesy of SA Library

Night / Ghost Tour

Temporarily Unavailable

Miners are superstitious people, this is even truer of the Cornish who have a rich history of mining superstitions. Piskies, Bukkas, and Tommy Knockers are just some of the folk believed by the Cornish to inhabit mines. Superstitions abound regarding deaths that occur in mines.

Over the working life of the Wheal Blinman there were 12 recorded below ground fatalities. As the lantern light guides you through the darkness, and fateful stories unfold, some people say that the souls of the departed have never left, decide for yourself if that tale is true.

As the sun sets, the mine takes on a different feel. Follow your guide through the tunnels and hear vivid stories the miners who lost their lives to Wheal Blinman.

Ghost tours are offered during peak tourist season between April and October.

Ghost Tours are run on Friday or Saturday evenings from 6pm and last approximately 70 minutes, most visitors stay on for Pizza Nite at the pub.

Ghost Tours are not suitable for children under 15 years of age.

Minimum 4 persons per booking dates advertised on our Facebook page.

Cost $35 which includes a voucher able to be redeemed at the North Blinman Hotel, The Miners Crib Bakery and Café or the Mine Shop.

  • 5 star ratingDSimply a must! Simply a must!
    All that has been written about this outstanding experience is spot on. Susan, our guide and host was brilliant. Susan's knowledge, story telling skill and engagement with her audience made this a memorable hour or so a highlight of our visit to Blinman. Do yourself a favour and book your tour.


    5 star ratingA Real Must See What a fantastic experience visiting the Blinman Mine. We had a fantastic tour guide Sarah, who was not only very knowledgeable but had a very good sense of humor. She engaged well we all the adults and especially the three children on our tour. This is a fascinating place to visit to find out the history of this amazing mine which is entirely run by volunteers

    So if you go to Blinman, please go and see and support this amazing place.


    5 star ratingEXCELLENT What a great tour - the tour guide Susan was so knowledgable and made the whole experience fun. Very interesting to learn the story of the Cornish Miners who arrived in search of a better life!!! It would have been so tough. If you are in the area, you really must take this tour - it is run by volunteers and they do an amazing job.

  • 5 star ratingIncredibly interesting and a must-do in the Flinders Ranges We’re a family of 2 adults & 2 kids (13 & 11) on a road trip through South Australia. Locals at Wilpena Pound Resort recommended we visit Blinman and we are so glad we did. The tour of the old copper mine was incredibly interesting to us all - fascinating to hear both the stories of the miners and also how the township in the 21st century banded together to restore the mine to show us the ways of the 19th century miners. Sally, our guide, was excellent, a lovely local Station owner working casually to enable the mine tour manager to have some time off. If you are in the Flinders Ranges, I definitely recommend you book this tour.


    5 star ratingFantastic tour We recently did the underground guided Blinman mine tour and found it so interesting. Our guide Sheree was very informative about the history and geology of the mine, and it gave us a new appreciation of Blinman compared to our earlier visits before this tour opened.Congratulations to the local community who worked so hard to get this tour off the ground.

    Karin N

    5 star ratingMrs The Blinman Mine tour is a must see when visiting the Flinders Ranges. The mines history and stories of local miners and their families are brought to life by the tour guide who is passionate about Blinman and the mine. The towns people who restored the mine and set up a fabulous tourist attraction should be congratulated on a job well done. Thanks for the experience.


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Who does the tour cater to

The tour is suitable for all ages, it is a family friendly tour and we do try to involve children in the tour with “jobs” and a quiz when appropriate.

Can children go on tour

Yes. We love taking children on tour although very young children and infants may not be comfortable wearing a helmet (it is a safety requirement for all persons on tour) if your child would find a helmet uncomfortable they might not enjoy the tour. Maybe bring the feeding bottle or a pacifier, on occasions if children become tearful the parent may be asked to take the child out, please don’t be offended.

Will I be claustrophobic

If you know you have claustrophobia, you may feel uncomfortable in a mine, we cover this as part of the safety briefing. You are not locked inside, there is no crawling but it you are over 180 cms you will need to duck in some areas. Our experienced guides will check on your comfort and if it gets a bit much will accompany you out of the mine. This happens rarely as most people become engrossed with the tour story, leave with a rich history and a sense of achievement!

Are there stairs or a lift

There are no stairs underground, there is a slope in one section of about a 1:6 gradient. This is managed by most people.

There is no lift, the tour takes a leisurely walking pace with plenty of stops to look and listen.

Is it cold underground

The mine stays a constant 22 degrees, for cooler winter days we do recommend dressing for the outside temperature and conditions

How many people go on a tour

A maximum tour size is 12 persons

Can I take photos

Yes please and share them with us also!

What is the population of Blinman

We can’t tell you that, but we will on tour!

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