Article for Blinman Herald, May 2013

June 26, 2013

With several inches of rain overnight the road to the mine was flooded!

With several inches of rain overnight the road to the mine was flooded!

The Blinman Mine has had a couple of very busy months,  with March having three times the number of visitors than last year and April has seen a 50% increase.  We are very happy to have Michelle Henery on board and also a big thank you must go out to Greg Wilcox for all his much needed help with tours over the school holidays – thanks Greg; we couldn’t have done it without you. Ryan and Natalie McMillan are new in town and will soon have their camels here too; they have also been coming on a few tours. We love the idea of them taking people up to the mine on the camels for a tour.

Some much needed work on the above ground trail is about to happen and a donation box has been set up just inside the gate. Some of you will already know that the mine got flooded on the 6th March when we copped 57 points. We were closed for two days. What was ’kind of funny’ was that I can seriously say I think I’ve only ever done 2 tours before when it has actually rained. At 2pm Mary and I went underground with a group of visitors. On the way back at 3pm we needed gum boots and almost swimmers; we were lucky to get out of the car park. Chalk it up to experience.

Finally, a new sign will be going up on the side wall of the office and there are a few other exciting things in the pipe line, with the possibility of a sculpture for the front of the office, a bit of TV exposure with SA Life, Channel 7 and maybe a chance to get the tours placed on the curriculum for years 9 and 10 high school science students.

Tours are going extremely well for 2013 so far.

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