Press Release 31/08/2012

August 31, 2012

A Trip Back in Time – Blinman Celebrates 150 Years

Blinman is celebrating 150 years of the Blinman Heritage Mine with a unique underground experience.
The Outback town will be the place to be on the weekend of October 13-14, with history buffs invited to explore the heart of an historic copper mine.

Participants in The Blinman Mine Visitor Experience will be treated to an innovative sound and light system, along with storytelling, light boxes, music and a mix of theatre and mining history.
Experienced guides will transport people back in time and describe the lives of miners and their families during the second half of the 19th century.

Blinman Heritage Mine spokesperson Sheree Turner said recent visitors to Blinman had been raving about both the town and tour.

“All of the positive comments are a great encouragement for our small community’s Progress Association, who run the project, live in and around Blinman and share a strong affiliation with the success of this endeavour,” Ms Turner said.

“As part of our mine tour and as a community generally we share this with our visitors and offer them the opportunity to experience life in a small outback town that has struggled to survive, but shows its determination to continue to move forward.”

Blinman Mine or – or Wheal Blinman as it was called in 1862 – was a working copper mine between the years of 1862 and 1907.

At the peak of its operation Blinman township had a population of about 1500. Today Blinman has a permanent population of just 22, plus the residents of the surrounding pastoral properties. At the grand height of 614 metres, it also holds the distinction of being South Australia’s highest town; along with being located at the end of the bitumen.

Many visitors use Blinman as a base from which to explore the stunning and rugged scenery of the local gorges and surrounds.

Blinman itself features the famous historic North Blinman Hotel. The old school building houses the rustic Wild Lime Café, while some of heritage buildings have been transformed into unique B&Bs.
Anyone with an interest in history, geology or nature will enjoy exploring the historic Blinman cemetery, along with the town’s walking trail. The surrounds of Blinman also comprise some of the most picturesque station stays imaginable, all of which offer an amazing array of activities.

For further information:
Phone: Blinman Heritage Mine (08) 8648 4782

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